Whilst I’ve been studying JavaScript at Launch School, I came across a fantastic mental model the school created on how closures work. Because the metaphor is very visual it inspired me to draw a little comic that illustrates their explanation. Enjoy!

Please note: The following technique is not for everyone. It can be of tremendous help for a visual learner like myself, but it’s not meant to replace any study method that already works for you. If you find however that traditional study methods aren’t really your thing — feel free to read on.

When we’re learning something new — particularly something as abstract as programming — we’re often going to bump up against unfamiliar concepts that are quite difficult to remember. Take for example the Symbol#to_proc method I learned from Launch School’s Ruby course RB130:

The Symbol#to_proc method is not…

Here’s a comic I put together that covers just the basics of how the internet delivers a webpage to your computer. It attempts to be more fun and memorable than it is technical. For the sake of simplicity I have left out a number of topics (models, TLS etc) that were covered in LS170. Enjoy!

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

A long time ago, there were two sailors — one hailed from Europe and the other a native from the isles of Truk. Both were skilled men with the ability to safely sail a small boat through the vast Pacific Ocean, from one island to the next. However, the way each sailor went about this task was completely different.

Prior to leaving the shore, the European sailor would first chart a course in latitude and longitude, and then estimate his time of arrival at each point in the journey. Once his plan was devised, all that was left was to…

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Disclaimer: What follows below is my own personal journey of preparing for the interview and may not reflect the experience of others. It’s a more brute force, leave-no-stone-unturned approach that might not work for everyone. That being said, if you are someone who errs on the side of caution and/or has a deep desire to master the basics — then read on.

While I found the interview surprisingly less difficult than I thought it would be, the hours leading up to it and all the study I had put in weeks before were nothing short of hard work. …

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So I just took Launch school’s first written assessment in RB109, and in some ways I was really prepared. In others…well, there were things I just wasn’t ready for.

It left me scrambling towards the finish line on a 3-hr test — clocking in my submission with only a few minutes to spare. Had I managed my time better, things would have been different.

But hey — it was my first one. And having been a true beginner in programming, I think I did a good job. At least I know what to expect the next time round.

When I…

Karis Tobias

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