Whilst I’ve been studying JavaScript at Launch School, I came across a fantastic mental model the school created on how closures work. Because the metaphor is very visual it inspired me to draw a little comic that illustrates their explanation. Enjoy!

Please note: The following technique is not for everyone. It can be of tremendous help for a visual learner like myself, but it’s not meant to replace any study method that already works for you. …

Here’s a comic I put together that covers just the basics of how the internet delivers a webpage to your computer. It attempts to be more fun and memorable than it is technical. For the sake of simplicity I have left out a number of topics (models, TLS etc) that were covered in LS170. Enjoy!

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

A long time ago, there were two sailors — one hailed from Europe and the other a native from the isles of Truk. Both were skilled men with the ability to safely sail a small boat through the vast Pacific Ocean, from one island to the next. …

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Disclaimer: What follows below is my own personal journey of preparing for the interview and may not reflect the experience of others. It’s a more brute force, leave-no-stone-unturned approach that might not work for everyone. …

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So I just took Launch school’s first written assessment in RB109, and in some ways I was really prepared. In others…well, there were things I just wasn’t ready for.

It left me scrambling towards the finish line on a 3-hr test — clocking in my submission with only a few…

Karis Tobias

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